Be the light -Vær lyset.

Kanaliseret budskab fra Ærkeenglen Gabriel

af Louise Camille

“Beloved family of light, this is a very important message for each and every human on earth and it is about how you can choose to change your lives and live according to the higher laws of love, harmony and peace. It is about how you can choose to live in alignment with the frequencies in the higher dimensions as you slowly prepare to step away from 3. dimension and move yourselves in to a consciousness of 5. dimension and even higher.

Some of you have already made that shift and a lot of you are in the process of making that shift. And this shift can be a difficult one as many of you still stand between the lower and the higher frequencies, between 3. dimension and 5. Dimension.

It takes a lot of courage and it takes a lot of self awareness to make this shift. It is not a shift that is made easily. It is not a shift that is made without your commitment to raise yourself to a higher frequency and a higher consciousness. Many of you are very aware of this shift happening on Earth in this period of time. Many of you are even consciously making that shift.

But there is still a majority of people living in fear and scarcity and these people are unconsciously slowing the entire shift on Earth and making it difficult for those of you who are in middle of the shift. The fear and the scarcity that still exists on Earth is like a big, heavy, dark blanket lying on Earth, surrounding every human being. And that is what you are all up against.

So even the ones of you who are trying to hold and contain the light will still very often be caught up in the darkness and lower frequencies because so many people on Earth are still living in that fear and in darkness and it is spreading like a fire, difficult to stop.

The only way to stop this fire, the fire of darkness, is s for those of you who are fully awakened to really be aware of holding and containing the light no matter what happens in your life. Many of you will be tested, although it is not even a test but you human beings might call it a test, A test of your ability to hold the light even when you are surrounded by darkness.

And how do you do that dearest children of the light, beloved human beings? You do that by making conscious choices every day. Each and every day when you wake up you can consciously choose to align yourself with a frequency of love and light. And you do that by aligning your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior with the higher laws of love and light.

You do that by being aware of the light you hold within. It is a choice every day about how you want to live. It is you, choosing which people you want to engage with. Which relationships that are good for your and which ones that are not. It is what you choose to eat and what you consume. It is your actions and your entire being that must be aligned with the purity of the love in your heart.

And you have to rule your mind, because otherwise it will always be caught up in old thought and believe patterns again and again and in the collective darkness on Earth. This shift happening right now has turned out to be more difficult than we thought, because a lot of people are not fully aware of the effort it takes to make this inner change.

To be fully awaken means to be in contact with your soul and your higher self and the higher dimensions. To be fully awaken is to live in peace, harmony, love and joy, knowing that you are one with every living being on Earth. It is knowing that you are one with the entire Universe and that you are a spark of the Universe.

It is knowing that you inside of you have the light of God. That you are one with the creator of all creations and therefore you simply are love and light. And to truly connect with that light inside of you, with that divine spark, you need to be aware and you need to practice.

It is not enough just to think or say out loud that your are spiritually awaken. For you to truly be spiritual awaken you have to realize, not in your mind, but on a deep soul level and in your heart, that you are one with God and every living being on the Planet. Every living organism. Humans, animals. trees, plants, flowers, crystals, minerals, and with the oceans, lakes and mountains.

In fact you are one with the entire Universe and that means that you are also connected to every planet, every star in the entire Universe. You are the light of God. You have just chosen to incarnate as a human being on Earth right now and that made you forget the love and light that you actually are.

In order for you to connect with that light again so you can spread it on earth and help the Earth expand and raise to a higher frequency, you need to be aware. You need to practice that connection. You need to be still and withdraw from the noisy world outside of you once in a while and make space and peace inside so you can hear your own soul whispering the words of love.

You need to face your own fears and darkness and shadows in order to shine and light up your entire being. And because the collective consciousness is still mostly caught up in darkness and fear this is a very difficult task for each and one of you to accomplish because you so easily are drawn in to that darkness, because you so easily are affected by that mass consciousness.

And if you are not aware of that, you will very quickly be caught up in the very darkness that you claim you are not in. So dear ones, the message for you is this: Be aware.  Be aware of the light within. Be aware of the lower, darker and heavier vibrations around you and on the entire Earth.

Be aware of every thought that comes from the lower mind and be aware of your daily choices regarding every thought, emotion and action and be sure to do your very best to align these with love and you will eventually succeed in raising your frequency and you will be able to contain and hold the light for the rest of the world. And in that way you will help the earth  ascending in to love, peace and harmony.

But it acquires your fully attention, awareness and commitment. Every time a human consciously choose to be in a state of love and light it affects every other human on the entire Earth in positively . Therefore beloved ones; Be aware. Be the love. Be the light. And the love and the light will eliminate the darkness on Earth”.